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TMJ/Bruxism Therapy in Manchester Center, VT

Bruxism is a common health problem that many adults will experience over the course of their lives. The most well-known characteristic is the habitual grinding and clenching of the teeth and jaw, which can occur at any point in the day. Here in Manchester, VT, Dr. Catherine Cech has undergone occlusion/TMD training at some of the best dental institutes in the world, and she can help people achieve much-needed relief from this painful condition. Patients from Winhall, VT and surrounding areas are welcome to contact us today and schedule a first appointment!

Bruxism is most common when sleeping and causes a wide variety of issues, from painful earaches and headaches to higher risks of depression and anxiety. Because there are several known causes for tooth wear and damage, bruxism can often be incorrectly diagnosed or even missed altogether in patients; that’s why you deserve the help of a trusted professional who can differentiate between bruxism and these other factors, such as diet or aggressive brushing.

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