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This young patient had shortened her upper anterior teeth significantly by grinding them at night. After a thorough examination and bite analysis, we were able to fabricate 6 porcelain veneers to achieve her esthetic desires, as well as correct bite discrepancies. She wears a night guard at night to protect her new dental work.

This vibrant patient was unhappy with the size, length and shape of her teeth. She noticed they were appearing to chip and shorten. I fabricated 6 upper front porcelain veneers and she now uses a night guard regularly to ensure her smile stays this way.

This business woman was unhappy with the shape and shade of her teeth. I recommended that we do 6 anterior porcelain veneers in addition to professionally whitening her lower teeth. She agreed and was extremely satisfied with the results.

This active gentleman wanted to address the wear he had been noticing on his upper teeth. After doing a bite analysis, and restorations on his posterior teeth, his occlusion (bite) was stable enough to address the wear and esthetic concerns. I ended up placing 4 anterior veneers, as well as night time use of an appliance.

This businessman decided to commit to "upgrading" his old dental work, and wanted an esthetic improvement as well. He was unhappy of the shade as well as the the overlap that was evident in his upper teeth. He did see an orthodontist for a consultation and decided that he would prefer a quicker solution to his concerns. He had his teeth professionally whitened as well as placing 2 veneers on the upper front teeth to better align them with the others. I also removed all the old posterior dentistry and replaced that with white composite fillings or porcelain crowns.

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