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This patient presented has an unaesthetic anterior fixed bridge and a removable partial denture. I replaced the bridge and partial with more naturally contoured and shaded teeth.

Before: 3 Unit bridge with chipped porcelain molar (supporting metal showing on molar tooth), poor enamel color match to patient's natural teeth, and poor fit around the patient's gumline.

After: Replaced Bridge with an All Porcelain Bridge. The new bridge now also matches the patient's natural tooth color and was designed to properly fit around the gumline. Proper fit aids in decreasing decay and the ease of the patient's ability to clean around a bridge.

This active lady had gotten very used to the 20+ year old dentistry in her mouth, even though esthetically it didn't fit with her level of health and vitality. I presented esthetic options, and she elected to place veneers on her front teeth and change the existing bridge to better match her smile. I just finished enhancing their lower teeth...more to come!

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