CEREC One-Visit Dentistry in
Manchester, VT

Many patients are in need of custom dental restorations, but the multiple appointments required to receive them can be a drain on busy schedules. Here in Manchester Center, Dr. Catherine Cech is proud to transform this process for the better with state-of-the-art CEREC technology. Now, all-ceramic crowns, onlays, inlays, dental veneers, and other restorations can be designed, crafted, and placed over the course of a single, convenient appointment without sacrificing any of the quality you deserve in the process. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with our team, or if you have any questions.

CEREC is made up of computer-assisted design (CAD) tools, as well as an in-office milling machine that creates the finished restorative product while patients watch. This revolutionary technique can actually reduce the cost of your treatment overall, and many anxious patients feel relief that they can simplify their treatment down to a faster timeframe.

3D Scans



Since 2017, we have had the capability to do 3D scanning of your teeth and surrounding bone.  With this technology available in the office, Dr. Cech can see more detailed anatomy than with traditional digital xrays thereby diagnosing and planning more predictable treatment.  


Platelet Rich Fibrin

We are excited to be using platelet rich fibrin (PRF) in routine dental procedures involving extractions and implants. PRF is a bioactive “band-aid” created from your own blood and placed in surgical sites to promote healing. It involves a simple blood draw which is then processed in a medical device called Intraspin. The results after processing are your own natural growth factors and defense cells that helps regeneration and decreases recovery time in the area used.


Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

With the power of SIROLaser®, Dr. Cech is able to provide sophisticated soft tissue laser services in a comfortable and efficient manner.  Our laser can be used to provide discomfort-free gum/pocket elimination thereby improving overall dental health.

Dr. Cech utilizes SIROLaser when providing gum recontouring, allowing patients to enjoy a more even or less abundant gum line that improves the cosmetic value of their smile.



SureSmile Aligner therapy is designed to align your teeth comfortably and is staged to deliver results in the shortest possible time. Aligners are developed from digital impressions and virtually sent to the US based SureSmile laboratory to develop your custom plan. The plan is then reviewed by Dr. Cech (and yourself) for approval and then the aligners are fabricated and changed at home regularly to allow for safe and accurate movement.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiology uses electronic sensors to capture images immediately. The quality of the images improves diagnosis while reducing radiation exposure up to 90%

The Wand

The wand is a computerized assisted delivery system for local anesthesia which controls the flow and amount of anesthesia used for all procedures.

Increasing precision as well as decreasing discomfort during anesthetic delivery allows for more comfortable and relaxed appointments.

Diagnodent Cavity Detection System

The Diagnodent is an additional diagnostic tool (based on laser technology) used after hygiene appointments to detect areas of concern much earlier, thereby keeping dentistry as conservative as possible.

Intraoral Camera

IntraOral Camera is used during all new patient exams and many check up appointments to educate patients as to potential dental need. Now you can become an informed partner instead of a xonfused bystander when it comes to your dental health.


This device allows for jaw relaxation and better visibility or areas receiving care. Treatment times are reduced and outcomes are improved.

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