Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see families?

Yes, we do. Dr. Catherine Cech is happy to welcome patients who are a wide variety of ages, from older adults in need of reconstructive care down to children who are just getting started on the path towards lifelong oral health.

How do I know if I need a mouthguard?

There are several reasons why a patient could need a custom mouthguard from our Manchester, VT practice. You may be struggling with bruxism (teeth grinding) or a more serious TMJ disorder. You may participate in a sporting event where a mouthguard can provide valuable protection against physical facial contact with other people or hard objects. You may have new restorative work that could be damaged without the added safety of a mouthguard. Dr. Cech will determine these causes during routine appointments and make a personalized recommendation that depends on your oral health and safety.

I’m experiencing severe jaw pain. Can you help?

Excessive discomfort located in the jaw and nearby muscles is a common symptom of TMJ disorder, a debilitating health problem that’s caused by a misalignment of the temporomandibular joints. After Dr. Cech has diagnosed your condition with a thorough evaluation, she may recommend a custom oral appliance/splint, Botox therapy, or an alternative option that’s customized to fit your unique needs. Dr. Cech has undergone advanced training in occlusion/TMJ at The Pankey Institute and Spear, and she’s highly qualified to help you find the relief you deserve from this unpleasant condition.

What are my options for tooth replacement?

Dental implants are the most ideal option for replacing lost teeth these days because of their valuable health and aesthetic benefits – in fact, they’re the only treatment that actually replicates the full structure of your natural tooth instead of simply the crown. Dental bridges and traditional full and partial dentures are also available at our Manchester practice.

It’s important to remember that no one service can be the right choice for every single patient. Dr. Cech will work with you to determine the best option that fits your personal needs, budget, and preferences. 

Will I need to see an outside specialist to have my dental implants placed?

Dr. Cech is now happy to offer implant placement right here in-office for a more comfortable, streamlined treatment experience with a dental team you trust! Referrals may still be necessary in complex situations, but she will always work closely with professionals in the area to ensure optimal results.

I don’t want to have to wait multiple appointments to receive new restorations. Is there another way?

Yes! Dr. Cech is proud to offer CEREC one-visit dentistry to her patients here in Manchester Center, VT. Instead of having to go through the traditional process of messy impression materials, temporary restorations, and long waiting periods, patients can have their smiles revitalized with quality, lasting results over the convenient span of just one appointment.

What are my cosmetic dentistry options at your practice?

Our team wants to help you regain your beautiful smile and your self-confidence! Dr. Cech will work with you to devise the ideal smile makeover plan that addresses your cosmetic needs in a way that fits your budget and schedule. Teeth whitening, direct bonding, porcelain veneers, and even aesthetic-minded restorative options like tooth-colored fillings are available.

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